A letter from…The Curate?! April 2014

Dear Friends,

This month is the greatest month of the year. Not because it’s my Dad’s birthday, but because we celebrate the greatest event in history. The first people to witness this greatest of events were a group of women, including a disreputable woman called Mary. In our children’s story bible, Mary meets the risen Jesus in a garden and he sends her off to tell the others that he is alive. Here is how the story goes on:

“Mary ran and ran, all the way to the city. She had never run so fast in all her life. She felt like she could have run forever. She didn’t even feel like her feet touched the ground…And it seemed to her that morning, as she ran, almost as if the whole world had been made anew, almost as if the whole world was singing for joy – the trees, tiny sounds in the grass, the birds…her heart. Was God really making everything sad come untrue? Was he making even death come untrue? She couldn’t wait to tell Jesus’ friends. ‘They won’t believe it!’ she laughed.”

Doesn’t it catch the meaning of Easter so brilliantly? Through the resurrection of Jesus, God began something far bigger than just sorting me and you out. Jesus’ resurrection was the foundation stone of God’s new building project. A project where everything sad in this world will come untrue; where even death will come untrue. A project where the whole of creation, including us human beings who put our trust in Jesus, will be restored and made new.

This world can be terribly dark. It can feel unmanageable, problems loom larger than solutions. Sadness, illness and death can creep around us like bindweeds in an abandoned garden. At Easter we are reminded that the root of those bindweeds has been dealt with – our sin paid for and defeated as Jesus died on the cross. Perhaps more astonishingly, at Easter God takes our hands and he leads us to a little window looking into a new garden, perfectly tended, with no decay or death. ‘With Jesus, that is where you are headed’ God says. A new project, a new garden, a new life.It’s the greatest event in history.

Of course, not everyone believes that it’s true. If you’ve never investigated whether the resurrection of Jesus actually happened, can I encourage you to do so this Easter? If it’s true, well that changes everything. Here’s a good place to start

Happy Easter and happy investigating!

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