Adopt a Penguin

penguin-2This has now finished! You will have been sent an email if you were a winner.

After a hard week at the St John’s pole, training up as part of the Polar Explorers holiday club, the waddle of penguins are ready for rehoming.

These penguins are cheap to look after and only need daily cuddles to meet all their nutritional needs, although for fun they do like chasing after carrot fish.

Not the most energetic of creatures, however a little light exercise is good for them and they will waddle along to the theme music from Ski Sunday with a little prompting.

Within the waddle are 16 adults and 4 babies all needing new homes. If you would like to home a penguin please send your name and contact details using the form below or ring Jennifer and David on 01935 862190. The closing date is Saturday 22nd August following which names will be drawn out of a hat. The first 20 names will be the successful adoptees.

Important small print:

  • Please specify whether you are interested in adopting a baby or an adult penguin.
  • There is no charge for the penguins and whilst donations to St John’s from successful adoptees are invited they are not obligatory.
  • Lastly, it is important to remember that penguins are for life and not just for holiday club.

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