Hilary’s newsletter March 2013

Dear praying friends,

Hot season came early this year, and so the Bible School students really had to be dedicated to turn up for 3 hours of teaching every morning … but they stuck it out!

We finished with a meal together at the paillotte (an open air structure on our property) on Friday lunchtime. The teaching was well received, and there were some lively discussion times. Please pray for lasting fruit – Marc has already noticed some of the ideas taught being re-used in a sermon, which is exactly what we hope for.

I enjoyed doing school with Simon, and in some ways it was probably easier to be doing that than trying to work on translation/attend Bible School, since Eve has been waking frequently for feeds at night during hot season, and so my concentration span is limited! Marc has now taken school back from me though – please pray that I will be able to work well despite tiredness and the heat.

We have all been feeling the heat (up to 42 or 43°C most days), but praise God that it hasn’t been getting us down too much. It may, however, have finished off our fridge. We hopefully have someone coming to look at it tomorrow – please pray that he will turn up and will be able to advise as to whether it is repairable or we should think about replacing it.

The Monkolé Bible translators are in Parakou this week for a training course on Scripture use – please pray that this will be helpful.

Do keep in touch – we love hearing about all your snow and other news!
Much love,

Hilary (and Marc)

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