A passion for life

Friday 10th March 7.30 at John’s School Rooms
Curry and Quiz Night.

Come and have a delicious curry, and then have your brain stretched by the quiz master. Questions aimed for all abilities—who knows—your random general knowledge facts may come in handy!

During a break between rounds, there will be a question designed to help everyone think—not to score points—but to help us think about one of the deeper questions of this life.

Bring a whole team (between 6&8 people) – or sign yourself up to be put in a team

£5 per head, Soft Drinks Provided, feel free to bring other drinks too.

Friday 17th March 7.30 at St John’s
“Does God Have a Sense of Humour?”

An evening of humorous exploration into Divine Comedy with comedian, Paul Kerensa, and sitcom-writer, James Cary.

Free entry with refreshments

Saturday 18th March 7.30 at St John’s
“Has Science Killed God?”

Dr Kirsty Birkett lectures in Ethics, Philosophy and Church History. Amongst many other things, her publications include the relationship between science and religion. Free entry with refreshments

Sunday 19th March – Guest Services

9.30 at St Andrew’s or 10.30 at St John’s

Tom Putt will speak on “Does God love Everyone?”

6.30pm at St John’s

James Dudley-Smith will speak on “Christianity on trial: Is it true and does it make any difference?”

For more information

Email Tom Putt
Phone the Church Office: 01935 427745

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