Lockdown Bingo

Here’s a good game for you to play – Lockdown Bingo! We are aware that we are now heading into our 5th week of lock down and you may have painted every bit of the house that can be painted, and if you bake and eat any more cake you’ll need to build an extension. read on

Eco Christmas Suggestions

Church is a community of people that celebrates God, and all God has created. When that creation is devalued and desecrated, church needs to shine like a beacon in the night. Let’s be a role model to show how a community can care for creation. Here are a few ideas to get you started this read on

Rector’s Letter, December & January

Dear friends It is amazing how our culture has done its best to take Christ out of Christmas. The greetings cards now say ‘Season’s Greetings’ and the decorations, jumpers, and shop windows all show penguins, puddings and presents instead of Christ. I try very hard never to use the abbreviation ‘Xmas’, because that really does read on

Rector’s Letter, November 2018

Dear friends The word ‘LEADER’ is only used eight times in the New Testament, and each time it refers not to a Christian church leader, but to a Jewish synagogue leader. On the other hand, the plural word ‘LEADERS’ does occur several times, referring to the leaders in a local Christian church. Christian leadership should read on

Rectors Letter, September 2018

Dear friends Our Parish Weekend Away is fast approaching: 7th to 9th September. Whether you are coming or not, please pray that we may have a fruitful time together with one another, and with the Lord. There will still be morning services in both our Yeovil churches on the 9th, thanks to Les and Derek read on

Rector’s Letter, July 2018

Dear friends Our Children’s Holiday Club this year (July 30th to August 3rd) is called ‘Guardians of Ancora’. It’s based on material from Scripture Union, who developed a computer game called ‘The Guardians of Ancora’ designed to teach children about Jesus. If you have a tablet or smartphone, apple, android, or kindle, you can play. read on

Rector’s Letter, June 2018

Dear friends Football has all the makings of a fine religion. Many will become faithful followers as the World Cup begins this month. It can take our hearts to places beyond the humdrum of life, it can thrill and absorb us, with expectation, commitment, hope, pain, disappointment, passion, and the longings for ultimate victory. England read on

Rector’s Letter – May 2018

Dear friends Two years ago the Archbishops of Canterbury and York launched a prayer initiative for the Church of England, called ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. The website (thykingdomcome.global) says: ‘Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement, which invites Christians around the world to pray between Ascension and Pentecost for more people to come to know read on

Rectors Letter, April 2018

Dear friends Easter 2018 falls on April 1st. It’s April Fools’ Day. The same happened in 1923, 1934, 1945, and 1956. But it now won’t happen again till 2029. Many sceptics believe that our Easter faith makes Christians the stupidest fools of the world. Of course dead people do not rise. Once dead, always dead, read on