AuctionHeadFor Sale by Auction

Current bid: £2.50

IMG_0714Being offered for sale is a rather fine tower which was built in the early 21st century as a twin to match the tower adorning the west end of St John the Baptist church in Yeovil. Unlike its twin, the tower is in need of some minor remedial stone work, in particular some repair to the parapet, but this in no way reduces the aesthetic quality of the miniature replica. It is to be noted that replacement of the Blu-tack which forms the attachment for the weathervane may also require replacement in the fullness of time. Any surveys deemed necessary are at the bidder’s expense.

Having served its purpose the tower is now offered for sale by auction, which will run from 8pm on Saturday 11th July finishing at 7.59pm on Saturday 25th July. Bids can be submitted by:
Sending a message via facebook:

Or contact us via the form below:
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Or by telephone: Jennifer and David on 01935 862190

The highest bid will be updated on the church website each evening and posted on Facebook. The winner of the auction will be informed on Sunday 26th July.

All proceeds to go to the tower restoration fund.

Please note: Access to the tower is not possible and the sale does not include bells, internal fittings, or a clock!