8 March, 10:30, Attitude to Money Part 2, James Dudley-Smith

Following on from our annual giving review, and from the evening sermon from the 3rd March, James preaches on 1 Timothy 6. Part 1 and the giving review are available as videos. See below or on our YouTube channel.


[youtube_channel playlist=PLmNCjDu1YyoY8D7ZjkGqMFDTSIxI4gT9h resource=2 cache=300 fetch=10 num=2 ratio=3 responsive=1 width=306 display=thumbnail thumb_quality=hqdefault norel=1 nobrand=1 showtitle=above titletag=h3 desclen=0 noanno=1 noinfo=1 link_to=none goto_txt=”Visit our YouTube channel”]

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