Lockdown Bingo

Here’s a good game for you to play – Lockdown Bingo!

We are aware that we are now heading into our 5th week of lock down and you may have painted every bit of the house that can be painted, and if you bake and eat any more cake you’ll need to build an extension.

So here is a specially designed game of bingo. You must complete 3 tasks which are next to each other, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally, so that you can draw a straight line through them. In each line there must be one green task, one yellow task and one purple task. You may even want to have a go at all of them to achieve a full house.

Where appropriate do send us your efforts (to jennifer@sjyeovil.org.uk) so that we and everybody else can benefit from your creativity. All ages welcomed although you may need to assist a younger child. All star players will be acknowledged appropriately. Have fun!!

This Bingo grid is also available on the St John’s Church Yeovil Facebook page.

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