Youth Work at St John’s

‘Our key aims are to see the young people of Yeovil coming to know and love Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, fully grasping God’s amazing, gracious Love for them. And then helping them to grow into mature disciples who are equipped to live out, and active in, sharing the good news of Jesus with others.’

In order to work towards these goals, we have a variety of activities for 11-18 year olds.

For 11-18’s

Friday Night

Meets at: St John’s Schoolrooms, Term-time Fridays, 7.30-9.30pm

On Friday evenings we have activities for school years 7-13, where they can have fun, meet with friends and relax after a busy week. Each week there is a variety of activities, sports, games, refreshments, prayer and then a short look at what the Bible has to say to young people in Yeovil today. We also arrange occasional socials; including bowling, night hikes, a bonfire party, film nights, the ‘Chip-shop Challenge’, weekends away and lots more.

Sunday Pathfinders
Meets at: St John’s Schoolrooms, Term-time – 2,3,4th Sundays, 10.30am.

Sunday Pathfinders is also for those in school years 7-9 and meets during our morning 10.30am service. We meet with the whole church initially, and then come out after a short while for our own group. Each week there is a combination of quizzes, games, drama and looking at the Bible in a little more depth than on a Friday evening.