This Lent, we are following a a series of studies that will take us through the book of John. The series starts on Ash Wednesday, 17th February, there will be a video to introduce the first 3 studies that lead in to John by looking at some passages from other books of the bible that look at creation.

For each of the following weeks, there will be a video coming out each Saturday to introduce the series of 5 readings for the following week.

Week 1:

Video goes live on 17th February

Wednesday 17th February Genesis 1 What do we learn about God in this chapter?
What in creation shows you how great God is?
Thursday 18th February Proverbs 8:22-36 What place does God’s wisdom have in his creation?
How can we find ‘life’ in God? (Verse 35)
Friday 19th February Colossians 1:15-23 What place does God’s Son have in his creation?
And what place in your life?

Week 2:

Video goes live on 20th February


Monday February 22 John 1:1-18 Having read this, what would you want to say to the ‘world’?
And to the ‘Word’?
Tuesday February 23 John 1:19-28 What words would you use to describe John the Baptist in this passage?
Wednesday February 24 John 1:29-34 Take some time to meditate on Jesus as the Lamb, and the Spirit as a dove.
Thursday February 25 John 1:35-42 Pray for someone you can tell about Jesus.
How can you bring them to him?
Friday February 26 John 1:43-51 How many different titles or descriptions of Jesus can you find in the whole of chapter one?
Which ones matter most to you?

Week 3:

Monday March 1 John 2 What is Jesus zeal for? How might that same zeal relate to me?
Tuesday March 2 John 3 What does John the Baptist understand about Jesus that Nicodemus doesn’t?
Wednesday March 3 John 4 How do we see the grace and truth of Jesus in his interaction with the Samaritan woman?
Thursday March 4 John 5 Can you think of some examples of how “the Scriptures testify about me” (v39)?
Why is that such compelling evidence?
Friday March 5 John 6 Mediate on what it means to know Jesus as the bread of life?
Pray for the Spirit to give you life.