This Lent, we are following a a series of studies that will take us through the book of John. The series starts on Ash Wednesday, 17th February, there will be a video to introduce the first 3 studies that lead in to John by looking at some passages from other books of the bible that look at creation.

For each of the following weeks, there will be a video coming out each Saturday to introduce the series of 5 readings for the following week.

Week 1:

Video goes live on 17th February

Wednesday 17th February Genesis 1 What do we learn about God in this chapter?
What in creation shows you how great God is?
Thursday 18th February Proverbs 8:22-36 What place does God’s wisdom have in his creation?
How can we find ‘life’ in God? (Verse 35)
Friday 19th February Colossians 1:15-23 What place does God’s Son have in his creation?
And what place in your life?

Week 2:

Video goes live on 20th February


Monday February 22 John 1:1-18 Having read this, what would you want to say to the ‘world’?
And to the ‘Word’?
Tuesday February 23 John 1:19-28 What words would you use to describe John the Baptist in this passage?
Wednesday February 24 John 1:29-34 Take some time to meditate on Jesus as the Lamb, and the Spirit as a dove.
Thursday February 25 John 1:35-42 Pray for someone you can tell about Jesus.
How can you bring them to him?
Friday February 26 John 1:43-51 How many different titles or descriptions of Jesus can you find in the whole of chapter one?
Which ones matter most to you?

Week 3:

Monday March 1 John 2 What is Jesus zeal for? How might that same zeal relate to me?
Tuesday March 2 John 3 What does John the Baptist understand about Jesus that Nicodemus doesn’t?
Wednesday March 3 John 4 How do we see the grace and truth of Jesus in his interaction with the Samaritan woman?
Thursday March 4 John 5 Can you think of some examples of how “the Scriptures testify about me” (v39)?
Why is that such compelling evidence?
Friday March 5 John 6 Mediate on what it means to know Jesus as the bread of life?
Pray for the Spirit to give you life.


Week 4:

Monday March 8 John 7:1-52 Why is there such a big contrast between the attitude of the Pharisees and that of the crowd (see 7:31-32)? What do you really think of Jesus?
Tuesday March 9 John 8:12-58 How do you react to the contrast Jesus draws in 8:42-47? How does his statement fit with what you have read so far?
Wednesday March 10 John 9:1-10:21 ‘One thing I do know, I was blind but now I see’ (9:25). How can we speak of what Jesus has done for us? How is he our Good Shepherd?
Thursday March 11 John 10:22-11:44 Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life’ (11:25). Think about what that means for you today… and for tomorrow.
Friday March 12 John 11: 45-12:50 he great contrast – the Pharisees want to take Jesus’s life, Jesus is prepared to give his life for others.
Read again 12:23-26. How can Jesus speak of death and life in the same breath? Give thanks that he makes it possible that death does not have to have the last word.

Week 5:

Video goes live on Saturday 20th, 8am

Monday March 15 John 13 ‘Do you understand what I have done for you?’ says Jesus … so pray for understanding. ‘Do as I have done for you,’ says Jesus … so pray for love and courage to follow his example.
Tuesday March 16 John 14 The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. What do we learn about the life of the Trinity in this chapter?
Wednesday March 17 John 15 How can you ‘remain’ or ‘abide’ in Jesus the vine? What fruit do you wish to bear for him?
Thursday March 18 John 16 Jesus is preparing to ‘go away’, verse 7. What comforts does he leave with his disciples?
Friday March 19 John 17 What things does Jesus pray for his disciples/for us? Why do you think it is those things specifically that he prays for?

Week 6:

Monday March 22 John 18:1-27 Reflect on the pressures Peter must have felt that led to his denials of Jesus?
Tuesday March 23 John 18:28-40 Jesus implies his word is truth. What reason have we to believe that is the case? What effects should that have on us?
Wednesday March 24 John 19:1-16 Reflect on the differences between Pilates’ power and Jesus’ power and what they use that power for.
Thursday March 25 John 19:17-27 What kind of a king is Jesus? What’s it like to be one of his subjects?
Friday March 26 John 19:28-42 Jesus has proven his love for us is real and purposeful. Give him thanks and praise in prayer.


Week 7:

Video goes live on Saturday 27th, 8am

Monday March 29 John 20:1-10 Remember that when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, he had to be freed from his grave clothes. Think about what John tells us here about Jesus’ resurrection and why it is so different.
Tuesday March 30 John 20:11-18 Jesus tells Mary that he is going back to his Father in heaven. Why is this necessary and so important for us?
Don’t miss the fact that Jesus can speak of ‘my Father and your Father… my God and your God.’
Wednesday March 31 John 20:19-31 Thomas is the first of the disciples to make the confession ‘My Lord and my God’. It helps to bring John’s Gospel to a close (read 20:31 again). What do you want to say to Jesus as we come to the end of John’s story?
Thursday April 1 John 21:1-14 What do these verses tell us about Jesus himself and the work the disciples will be called to do? Did you notice that Thomas is not missing this time!
Friday April 2 John 21:15-25 Peter is restored and commissioned by Jesus. He is told he must not compare himself to others. What matters, in the first place, is our relationship with Jesus.
How is our relationship with him?